Formation of the liberty party of virginia


A new political party formed in Virginia this week.  The newly-formed Liberty Party of Virginia was established by activists from all across the state following the recent dissolution of the Libertarian Party of Virginia on Sept 11, 2022.  The new party seeks to fill the void left by the Libertarian Party of Virginia’s absence.  

“The Liberty Party of Virginia believes in all of your freedoms all of the time,” said newly-elected Liberty Party chair, Stephanie Duell, “and will continue to work to help our communities achieve the goals of limited government through individual rights and Constitutional protections.”

Duell says that at this point the party appears unlikely to be directly affiliated with the Libertarian National Committee, but the party will take up the mantle of representing Virginia’s Liberty-minded voters regardless. 

“What separates the Liberty Party of Virginia from previous liberty-centric political parties is that we not only continue to explicitly reject and condemn bigotry, but are actively working to end the unjust laws used to harm and target our most marginalized communities.”

The party is preparing to run candidates across Virginia in 2023.

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