Introducing the Association of Liberty State Parties


December 3, 2022

We, the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts, the Liberty Party of Virginia, and the Libertarian Party of New Mexico, are proud to announce our affiliation with the Association of Liberty State Parties (ALSP), a national party committee.

The ALSP will enable cooperation between our state parties and the coordination of a national electoral strategy. Through participation in the democratic process, we will advance our agenda of free people and limited government.

It will be the responsibility of the ALSP to organize a national convention for the nomination of candidates for President and Vice President of the United States.
The ALSP will be expanding into additional states shortly. For more information about the organization, visit or contact

Don Graham
Chair of the Libertarian Association of Massachusetts
Stephanie Duell
Chair of the Liberty Party of Virginia
Chris Luchini
Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Mexico

Link to Announcement

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