Individual Liberty FOR ALL – every human being has the natural right to their life, liberty, property, expression, and general peaceful pursuits.

Nonviolence and Peaceful Association – From the foundation of respect for individual liberty flows a commitment to nonviolence, in the pursuit of both political as well as social goals; and freedom of association, including freedom of movement and of trade between consenting adults. We reject coercion from the state or state-like entities to interfere in these relations, and reject the use of force to achieve political and social ends.

Self-Defense and Mutual Aid – In order to keep the peace, it may sometimes be necessary to defend one’s self, property, or community from aggression, and the right of the people to bear arms for  effective self-defense is a fundamental human right. We exist as free individuals to work cooperatively with others in civil society, and the free exercise of charity or mutual aid should never be hindered or thwarted by states or state-like entities.

Respect and Tolerance – Since individuals have the right to nonviolent and peaceful association, they should therefore be free to pursue their lives in the manner they see fit free from harassment by the state, state-like entities, or other individuals, so long as they do not injure and harm others. We reject coercion from the state or state-like entities to forcibly change or conform an individual’s way of life. 

The Party therefore as the full expression and understanding of these principles rejects and denounces bigotry as irrational and repugnant, rejects all hate groups, denounces calls for ‘physical removal’ of disfavored ethnic or political groups, and rejects calls for the dissolution of the United States in general or Virginia’s separation from it, nor the separation of any territory from Virginia.  The party calls for a free and tolerant civil society with a minimum of interference and coercion from government at any level, so as to secure the blessings and fruits of individual liberty for ourselves and posterity.